Journal of Money, Investment and Banking

Issue 25
September 2012

Location Choices under PMBDS Effect: A Case Study of Coffes-Specialty Firms Entry into Taiwan Market
Cheng-Chang Chang and Ya-Tang Yang

Does Investment Bank Reputation Matter? the Influence of High-Reputable Investment Banks on Stock Performance
Bünyamin ER

Determinants of Credit Risk Derivatives use by the European Banking Industry
Luís Otero González, Luís Ignacio Rodríguez Gil, Sara Fernández López and María Milagros Vivel Búa

The Effect of Macroenomic Factors on the Performance of Azerbaijan Banking System
Elmir Safarli and Guluzar Kurt Gumush

Broker’s Order-Routing Practice, Execution Cost, and Market Share for NYSE-Listed Stocks: Evidence from Quarterly Earnings Announcements in 1997-1998
Hsiao-Fen Yang and Jiun-Lin Chen

Evaluating the Productive Efficiency of Islamic and Conventional Banks in GCC Countries
Chawki EL Moussawi, Hassan Obeid and Ahmad Salloum

Economic Policy Uncertainty and Stock Market Performance: Evidence from the European Union, Croatia, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey and Ukraine
Vichet Sum

An Empirical Study on Determining Nominal Yield of CPI Indexed Bonds
Mehmet Islamoglu, Orhan Bozkurt and Bünyamin Topçu

A Note on Idiosyncratic Risk Measure
Yin-Ching Jan and Jerry M. C. Wang

Cointegration and Causality between Social Performance and Economic Performance in Microfinance: Evidence from Grameen Bank
Lansana Bangoura

Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria
Uwem Essia and Joseph Onyema

The Availability of the Dimensions of Corporate Governance and its Impact in Promoting the Organizational Learning in Commercial Banks Operating in Jordan
Eyad Taha Al-Rawashdeh

Predictive Ability of Earnings and Cash Flows: Evidence from Turkish Firms’ Cash Flow Statements Prepared by IAS 7
Rabia Aktas and Sibel Kargin

Is the Mongolian Equity Market Efficient? Empirical Evidence from Tests of Weak-Form Efficiency
Lim Kai Jie Shawn, Pavneet Chadha, Lau Joshua and Nishad Potdar

The Causality Relationship between Accounting Earnings and Stock Returns in the Light of Value Relevance Theory
Yasemin Deniz Akarim, Sibel Celik and Emin Zeytinoglu