Journal of Money, Investment and Banking

Issue 22
October 2011

Capital Structure and Beta Relation: Empirical Evidence from U.S. Firms in the Period of 1989-2008
Eddy Junarsin

International Portfolio Diversification Benefits for Middle Eastern Investors
Razan Salem, Thair Al Shaher and Ohoud Khasawneh

A Volatility Spillover among Sector Index of International Stock Markets
Imen Kouki, Nizar Harrathi and Mahfuzul Haque

Assessing Performance Factors in the Lebanese Commercial Banks Using Different Approaches
Wadad Saad and Jamal Hayek

The Effect of 2008 Global Financial Crisis on Financial Ratios of Istanbul Stock Exchange Food Enterprises: Panel Data Analysis
Metin Atmaca and Serdar Kurt

Achievement Anecdote of Islamic Banking practices in Pakistan: A Review of Past, Present and Future Performance with Pragmatic and Analytical Approach
Hafiz Abdur Rashid and Mian Muhammad Ashraf

Factors Causing Structural Change in the Turkish Banking sector and the Role of Foreign Banks Since 2002
Kemal Yaman

The Performance Analysis of Islamic and Conventional Banks: The Pakistan's Perspective
Mian Muhammad Ashraf and Zia-ur-Rehman

Expanding Bank Capital Channel through Credit Rating Method
Zahra Khoshnoud, Jafar Ebadi and Akbar Komijani

Testing the Random Walk Behavior and Efficiency of the Egyptian Equity Market
Mohamed Khaled Al-Jafari and Hatem H. Abdulkadhim Altaee

Analysing Risk Management in Banks: Evidence of Bank Efficiency and Macroeconomic Impact
Omotola Awojobi and Roya Amel

Meaning of Money (MOM): Exploratory Investigation of the Relevance of Generative Theory of Money (GTM) in South Africa
Nnedum, Obiajulu Anthony Ugochukwu, Egwu Ugwumba Egwu, Ezeokana Jude Obinna, Madu Sylvester Ntomchukwu and Chine Bernard Chukwukeluo