Journal of Money, Investment and Banking

Issue 19
January 2011

The Three Pillars of Basel II: A Diffusion Model with Jumps of Banking Regulation
Basel M. Al-Eideh

The Study on the Relationship between Organisational Culture and Knowledge Management
Shabina Shaikh

Impact of Crude Oil Spillage on Soil and Food Production in Rivers State, Nigeria
G. A. Wokocha, Emeodu Doris and Ihenko Sopruchi

Cross-Autocorrelation between Small and Large CAP Portfolios: Evidence from Exchange Traded Funds in Turkey
Mustafa Mesut Kayali and Yasemin Deniz Akarim

Competitive and Contagion Effects in Corporate Layoff Announcements
Gurmeet S. Bhabra, Harjeet S. Bhabra and Glenn W. Boyle

Bad Loans in the Meltdown: Micro Analysis of Credit Union Performance Versus Banks, an Initial Investigation
Mark Klinedinst

The Endogenous Money Hypothesis: Some Evidence from Turkey (1987-2007)
Say?m I?ik and Hakan Kahyao?lu

Board Structure and Bank Performance in Ghana
Michael Adusei
Estimating Monetary Policy Reaction Function: A Factor-Augmented Vector Autoregressive (FAVAR) Approach
Dawit Senbet

Impact of Exchange Rate on Monetary Policy Decisions in An Inflation Targeting Regime: SVAR Analysis
Eyyup Ecevit and Selim Kayhan

Foreign-Owned Firms and Domestically-Owned Firms in Turkey: An Analysis of the Differentiating Characteristics
Aysa Ipek Erdogan

Comparing Forecast Performances among Volatility Estimation Methods in the Pricing of European Type Currency Options of USD-TL and Euro-TL
Giray Gozgor and Pinar Nokay