Journal of Money, Investment and Banking

Issue 14
March, 2010

Do Emerging Financial Markets Matter in Investment Opportunity Set? A Dynamic Panel Analysis
Joshua Abor, Charles K. D. Adjasi, Godfred A. Bokpin and Kofi A. Osei

Topically Orientated Trend Adjustment and Autocorrelation of the Residuals - An Empirical Investigation of the Forecasting Behavior of Bond Market Analysts in Germany
Markus Spiwoks, Nils Bedke and Oliver Hein

Are EU and Bulgarian Business Cycles Synchronized?
George Filis, Christos Floros, Costas Leon and Christina Beneki

Efficiency, Productivity and Ownership Structure for Securities Firms in Taiwan
Chang-Sheng Liao , Chao-Hsiang Yang and Dick Liu

Value Creation in Thai Mergers
Amporn Soongswang

Variable Annuity with Guarantees: Valuation and Simulation
Shi-jie Jiang and Matthew C. Chang