Journal of Money, Investment and Banking

Issue 13
January, 2010

Potential Effects of Basel II on the Transmission from Currency Crises to Banking Crises - The Case of South Korea
Tobias Knedlik and Johannes Ströbel

VIX Index in Interday and Intraday Volatility Models
Stavros Degiannakis and Christos Floros

Extreme Risk and Fat-Tails Distribution Model: Empirical Analysis
Ibrahim A. Onour

Profits from Technical Trading Rules: The Case of Cyprus Stock Exchange
Spyros Papathanasiou and Aristeidis Samitas

Country Risk Inequality and Polarization in the World. An Empirical Analysis
Txomin Iturralde, Casilda Lasso de la Vega, Ana Urrutia and Arturo Rodríquez

Politico-Economic Determinants of the Crowding-in Effects of Public Investments in Developing Countries
Erdal Atukeren